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WOPS was formed in 2010 with Emil Todorov (guitar & backing vox) and Kostadin Mutafchief (bass) in its inception. The first to join the new project was Kristian Georgiev (drums), followed by Nikola Kolev (vocals). It took two years to form the final line-up and since 2012 the band has played numerous shows and festivals in its home country Bulgarian.

Recordings soon followed and 2013 saw the release of the band’s debut EP “Little Drops of WOPS”. Support for the release was made with multiple shows in Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece. The song "No Sex". was released as a single with a video. In 2015 the band expanded their line-up with Martin Todorov (DJ & Programming). A small tour around Bulgaria followed and since then the band has been working on new material.

In the beginning of 2017 WOPS released the band's first single since 2013 - "Tilt". The video for the song follows the last moments of Nikola’s first love. The song is a part of a forthcoming EP. The following spring WOPS opened for the legendary US band DOG EAT DOG on their second visit in Bulgaria.